Worldwide Convention of Mortgages and Finance.    
  Topic of the Year: Reverse Mortgages  










It is neither the spraying of fairy dust nor spreading a rain of stars that is going to help us in enlightenment of our understanding of the intangible mortgage market. Lost in the millions of parameters of the mortgage market, it is obvious that we will some day or other find ourselves entangled in the cobweb of plaguing concerns like the Fraud or lack of knowledge about the existing interest rates and bank rates across the world.

Silent in the plethora of unscrupulous individuals in the mortgage market, there are a few divine souls who care for you and attempts to block any fraudulent activities and conspiracies. The proof is just a few clicks away from you. The joint effort of those wise people has lined up new rays of hope in the ‘Bamako Mortgage Conference’ held in Bamako (Mali, Africa). The conference was targeted at spreading a uniform level of know-how among the customers with a higher degree of transparency. It also aimed at harnessing the different opportunities and scope in creating a high degree of unity among the mortgage providers and coming up with unmatched service for the customers

With people having academic excellence and ability to display erudite, exploring the behemoth mortgage market and identifying the pros and cons never seemed so easy. Eliminating the fine and volatile lines of unscrupulous events that take place in the mortgage morphology, these seemingly extraterrestrial human beings come up with the communion of ideas to not only promote the products and build up a visible unity but also to mark the beginning of an era of trust on the financial institutions.

Every single word spoken out in the conference transmits you to the fairy land with strings strongly bound to the ground level reality all in a table for six trademarked setting. The reverse mortgage magic is about to begin!